Chemicalize Professional

Enhance your website with chemical drawing, search, and calculation features.

Chemicalize Professional provides a wide range of cheminformatics solutions as embeddable web components and hosted backend services. You don't need to care about deployment, maintenance, or updates: all services are managed by ChemAxon and hosted on the highly available AWS infrastructure of the Chemicalize platform.

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Hosted Search

Upload your chemical structures and make them searchable from any web page. Powered by ChemAxon's robust chemical search engine, this solution provides ready-to-use web components that allows your users to search your chemical data and view the results directly on your website.

Chemical Drawing

ChemAxon's Marvin JS is a convenient and intuitive web-based editor for drawing chemical structures. It also supports extended features such as 2D/3D clean, import/export, and stereo calculation. Using our solution, you can easily integrate Marvin JS into your website or web application.

Calculation API

Calculate various structure-based properties for your compounds using a simple REST API (basic properties, names, logP/logD, pKa, solubility, etc.).

Compliance Checker API

Check your compounds with respect to national and international regulations of several countries using a simple REST API.